World Tour, Europe-Asia Territory Invasion Battle

The DP World (European) Tour, which takes Europe as its stage, goes to Asia, and the Asian Tour, which takes England as its stage. Infiltration competitions that create tournaments in each other’s territories are a prominent aspect of this year’s world tour.

DP World created 5 tournaments in Asia this year with a total budget of 10 million dollars, and the Asian Tour plans to hold 10 series in Asia and the UK with a total budget of 20 million dollars (estimated).

The fight between the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour and the fledgling LIV Golf to secure good players and markets by betting astronomical prize money has expanded into a proxy war between the DP World Tour and the Asian Tour.

This year, DP World will hold 43 competitions, and all 5 newly established competitions will be held in Asia, with a budget of $2 million per event. The first three tournaments were the Singapore Classic held in Singapore on February 9, the Thailand Classic in Thailand, and the Hero Indian Open in India for three consecutive weeks.

DP World’s 5 new competitions this year

On the 20th of last month, the ISPS Handa Championship was held in Japan for the first time ever, co-hosted by the Japan Professional Golf Association (JGTO), and the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour co-hosted the Korea Championship by Genesis next week. held The five tournaments had prize money of $2 million and were mostly organized by the tour.

It is also said that the PGA Tour, which is the background of DP World, sponsored prize money for five tournaments. It is similar to the world strategy revealed in January that the prize money winners of the Japan and Korea tours are given the right to participate in the DP World Tour, and the right to participate in the PGA Tour is given to the top 10 in prize money at the end of the DP World season. Behind the Asia-friendly policy of the US-Europe tour is the purpose of keeping Live Golf in check.

The World Tour’s territorial invasion began early last year when Live Golf sponsored six new events with a total prize of 1.5 million dollars on the Asian Tour. Excluding the Saudi International held in Saudi Arabia, $1.5 million competitions were held in Thailand, England, Singapore, Korea, Morocco and Egypt.

Liv Golf, which operates a unique tour with 48 star-level players at $25 million in prize money per tournament, is an ‘International Tour’ that can connect to other tours and supply a large number of players while receiving World Ranking (OWGR) points. series is expanding.

Kim Bio, who won the Asian Tour Rookie Award last year [Picture = Asian Tour]

This year, the second year, as in the English토스카지노 Premier League (EPL), the rise and fall system of the second division concept was created, enhancing the connection between Live Golf and the Asian Tour.

The total prize money has been increased to 2 million dollars per tournament and the number of tournaments has been expanded to 10. At the same time, good players were raised to Liv Golf, and Liv players with a small number of tournaments were able to maintain their performance by participating in competitions on the Asian Tour.

This year, the Asian Tour added six countries to the series (Oman, Qatar, Vietnam, Scotland, Hong Kong and Indonesia). Four countries – Thailand, England, Singapore and Egypt – were retained, but the tournaments held in Korea and Morocco were suspended this year.

Following the first tournament held in England last year, the Asian Tour opened a tournament near St Andrews, Scotland this year. As for the Asian Tour, it seems that DP World created consecutive tournaments in England and Scotland, the heart of DP World, as a response to the opening of five new tournaments in Asia.

In a recent interview with JTBC Golf, Jo Min-tan, CEO of the Asian Tour, said, “We inform the DP World Tour of our tournament schedule and are open to co-hosting (co-saction).” The Asian Tour does not impose restrictions on players participating in overseas tours such as the DP World Tour and the PGA Tour.

On the other hand, DP World increased the severity of fines and tournament participation sanctions for 26 of its players last week for participating in Liv Golf and Asian Tour events. Players will have to pay from £12,500 (20.91 million won) to £100,000 (167.3 million won) every time they participate in a tour event against an opponent with a conflict of interest. A list of 16 players who were fined £100,000 was also recently released.

Therefore, it is highly probable that the DP World Tour will cut ties with the Asian Tour in Asia, such as Korea, Japan, and India, which were newly established this year. This is the reason why the DP World Tour should not hold hands on the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Tour. This is because many of the top players on the Korean Tour are also participating in the International Series on the Asian Tour.

It is known that the KPGA Tour drafted an agreement last month without the consent of the players, requiring DP World’s approval for co-sponsored tournaments with overseas tours held in Korea in the future. There are 33 Korean players belonging to the KPGA who have the right to participate in the Asian Tour.

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