Yang Won-young “Kim Nam-guk Witch Hunt”… Jin Joong-kwon “Only deliberately insulting remarks”

The power of the people pointed out that Lee Won-young, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, who defended Rep. Nam-guk Kim, who was involved in a controversy over investing and holding a large amount of cryptocurrency (coin), was “a shameless ‘protection of the southern country’.” Jin Joong-kwon, a special professor at Kwangwoon University, also presented a claim to the effect that Rep. Yang’s dudun, Rep. Kim, was to receive a ‘nomination’.

People’s Power spokesman Kim Min-soo made a comment on the 20th and said, “Rep. Yang regarded Rep. Kim as one of the good 6 million investors, and even made a remark to the effect that the Democratic Party’s moral standard was too high and was responding sensitively to the coin crisis. “, he criticized.

Spokesman Kim said, “The tens of billions coin gate, which is named by Congressman Yang as the southern country situation, does not seem to be a big deal even from a moral point of view.” “The Democratic Party will have the same idea that the Closing Party is the answer.”

Spokesman Kim emphasized, “The Democratic Party, which angered the people by shouting ‘protect the country’ during the motherland crisis, is now shouting ‘protect the southern country’.” .

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Professor Jin appeared on CBS radio on the 19th and said, “(If you defend it), you will be criticized. Common sense makes comments that will insult normal people.” It is because it is possible to receive nominations (in the general election).”

He said, “So far, most of the powerful people have been nominated and not become the supreme council member,” he said. “In the case of Congressman Kim안전놀이터, the qualifications of the parliamentarians are quite insufficient. Even so, what is the support group (which ranked first in sponsorship money)?” . Previously, in an interview with SBS

Radio on the 19th, Rep. Yang claimed that “a public opinion trial was conducted like a witch hunt” over Rep. Kim. He defended Congressman Kim, saying, “The standard of morality is very different depending on the situation of the times. It is said that there are more than 6 million people who invest in coins.” Representative Yang Yang is known to have argued at the general assembly on the 14th that “the Democratic Party is too strong in moralism.” Regarding the controversy over this content, he said, “I didn’t use that expression precisely,” and explained, “It’s important to emphasize moral superiority, but it’s more important to show superiority in governing ability.”

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