You’re cool, Minjae!’ Kim Min-jae, the highest rated DF/MF team, “plays a role in aggressive movements”

SSC Napoli defender Kim Min-jae contributed to the team’s 2-0 scoreless victory. Italian media gave Kim Min-jae’s performance a high rating, leaving a review of “cool”.

Napoli won 2-0 in the 2022-2023 Italian Serie A round 23 Sassuolo expedition against Sassuolo held at Stadio Cita del Tricolor at 4:45 am (Korean time) on the 18th. Napoli, who took the lead in the 12th minute with Hvica Kvarachhelia’s goal, declared victory in the 33rd minute with an additional goal from Victor Osimen.

Napoli, 바카라 who scored twice in the first half, kept a clean sheet and won. The background of 0.7 runs per league game and 11 scoreless games in 23 games was the performance of defender Kim Min-jae.

After the Sassuolo match, ‘Cult of Calcio’ gave ratings to the 11 Napoli starters. Kvarachhelia and Osimen, who scored the goals, received ratings of 8 and 7.5, respectively. These are the players who directly contribute to the team’s victory.

The next highest score belonged to Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae received a rating of 7 and received the highest rating among the players excluding the two strikers.

The media explained Kim Min-jae’s performance, saying, “The Korean defender stole countless balls, and at times played a role in the team’s aggressive movements and showed a great appearance.”

Napoli, where Kim Min-jae plays, is aiming for the first league title in 33 years by maintaining the lead in Serie A this season. It is noteworthy whether he will be able to lift the trophy in his Napoli debut season.

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